It is our intention to schedule both art & music shows and concerts monthly at different hotels and large and small venues and annually at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center with Multi-media coverage of all the shows and sharing with the world our intentions and what we hope to do as an example in Molokai  and Lanai and Maui.

Local efforts have NOT been centrally coordinated and Branded to the World YET.

WE, as M.A.M.A. and P.A.P.A. share our Living Example of our Self-Sustainability Efforts.


We Strongly Recommend Support and Wide Adoption of these Bedrock Solution Components 

Dream Maui Action Plan

1- WATER FROM AIR by example, TSUNAMI PRODUCTS is a company that has efficiently and effectively found ways to Condense WATER OUT OF THE AIR… TED BOWMAN, of Tsunami,  was on Maui Neutral Zone Show # 60. There is no mystery that condensation of water from the air means Building in different and remote areas can become possible.  Power can be created remotely with renewable technologies today and now water can be harnessed in OFF THE GRID sites that can be awesome and can leave agricultural land for agriculture!   Decentralization is a powerful key to self sustainability. So is their integration of seed crop/feedstock system into their WATER FROM AIR  system for home/commercial and industrial/agricultural applications to military & emergency standard)

2- SOIL REGENERATION PLANTS & POWER FROM GREEN WASTE- REGENIGROW®-  By example, REGENITECH has something VERY SPECIAL, Michael Smith, Inventor and Designed of the system, who was on Maui Neutral Zone Show # 79, shared that integrated bio-processors consume waste heat and carbon carbon dioxide to produce renewable energy and organic soil amendments. Systems are ideally designed for the production of methane, hydrogen and bio-oils that can be used as fuel for farm and industrial equipment or to generate electrical power.  The system produces no waste, and its byproducts are valuable high grade organic fertilizer and soil amendments. THIS CREATES POWER FROM GREENWASTE AND SUPER-GROWING NATURAL SOIL.  

Self sustainability models come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.

 Economic models will range from comfortable to affordable to reasonable and emergency.

Our world is in EMERGENCY. We who recognize it BANK on our brothers and sisters and their Intuitive  INCLUSIVE Compassionate Awareness. 

It is a REAL revelation that the Leaders in Practical Frontier of Science and of the Mindset often are NOT Understood or Appreciated WHEN the Ideas were first presented and COULD HAVE made ALL the DIFFERENCE between success and failure. 

We have the opportunity NOW to Help by Sharing these things!

. . . . . . . . .

Hawaiian Home Island Base on Molokai and Kahoolawe

Coordinating a substantial land purchase and conscious natural development that meets desires with the people of Molokai and Maui will be a fantastic step toward preservation of beautiful and open land, 1/3 of the island’s land, and will be an example of self sustainability and an example of housing models and water desalination models and hydrogen growing and natural pesticide solutions.

It can be the global example that we at the Maui Arts and music Association have been speaking about since our inception in 1991.

Global ExamplePlace We Call It an:  
INTEGRATED ACTION PLAN with many CashFlow Positive Local Benefit User Friendly Ideas that  can Manifest  a Healthy Economic Engine.