Use of mixed hydrogen and oxygen (hydroxy)
gas inhalation for the treatment of COVID-19

Science has shown in Thousands of studies Around the World …

​Benefits from HYDROGEN, delivered as

Oxy-Hydrogen, Hydroxy/Brown’s Gas/ HHO/ Plasma


  1. PAIN RELIEF of muscle, joint, and bone discomfort or fatigue.
  2. INCREASED Energy and Metabolism.
  3. REDUCES LEVELS OF STRESS & TOXINS within the liver, kidney and digestive tract.
  4. ANTI-AGING Affects : reduction of wrinkles and blemishes.
  5. INCREASED ANTI-OXIDANT LEVELS within the bloodstream and the body overall.
  6. PROTECTION of the brain, heart and lungs.
  7. Self-medicating to expand a person’s lifetime – a veritable Fountain of Youth!

Notably affects:

Alzheimers disease

Parkinson’s disease





Sleep Apnea



HHO HYDROGEN  can be used in 3 modes:

Inhalation  The gas can be directly inhaled through a nose breathing tube for rapid absorption through the Lungs – the body’s organ that is specifically made for gas transmission directly into the bloodstream

Infused/Ionized Water  The gas is bubbled through water with the Infuser attachment and water is ready in 10 minutes.  Higher pH, Low ORP with Dissolved Hydrogen and Oxygen available to the body through the Small Intestines

Direct Application  with either the provided silicone Spot Applicator, or placing the Extension Tubing into a plastic bag for applying to hands for Arthritis relief.  Put the Hydrogen wherever its needed – on the EXACT spot!

HHO Hydrogen generators are designed for years of TROUBLE FREE USE.  They can be used as much as 24/7/365 with THE ONLY MAINTENANCE REQUIRED BEING THE ADDITION OF WATER TO THE GENERATOR.

 Hydrogen for Better Health and the Molecular Cleaning of Water… truly.


And then there is HHO PLASMA...

Plasma: The 4th Phase of Water – Prof. Gerald Pollack – EZ Zone

Bodies of Water: Water, Cells & Life — Prof. Pollack at TED Talk in N,Y,…SUPER explanation of the IMPORTANCE of Increasing EZ WATER— a MUST WATCH 

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