Jason Schwartz with Neil Abercrombie, running for Hawaii Governor 2010

Up Close & Personal 2010- Jason Schwartz with NEIL ABERCROMBIE (D) for Governor… On King Kamehameha Day on Maui, Jason had the opportunity to sit and share with former Congressman Neil Abercrombie, who left his 20 year Federal House seat to campaign to be Hawaii’s next Governor.

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Jason Schwartz with a No-Show guest turns the show into a year-end Wrap-up with "Peace In Our Hearts" from Louise Lambert AND The Maui Choral Arts group, lead by Gary Leavitt- Christmas songs and Handel's "Messiah". A fun show with great music.
Jason Schwartz on with Sam Small, host of Maui Causes TV. Conversation Discussion about where he sees Maui going. He brings up some touchy issues we surely will discuss in this next year.
Jason Schwartz with himself ...talking about upcoming shows- then 2 drop-in radio trainees, Danny & Stephanie.
Jason Schwartz & caller-in Donny; Jason had scheduled CouncilWoman-Elect Tasha Kama who couldn't make it, last minute... Jason encouraged calls in and in came Donny and YouTube™ of new era and old "era"... good dialogue and info on Maui Arts and Music Association and a master integrated plan AND HHO Plasma Hydrogen and its potential impact to replace fertilizers and pesticides on crops.
Jason Schwartz talks with Michael (Mike) Victorino, candidate for Mayor of Maui County in just 8 days. Mike shares in a way that a debate or forum doesn't provide. Jason asks some questions from those gathered from a few friends...
Jason Schwartz shares with YOU, the audience. he talks about these local elections in general and continues on to talk about public issues and responsibilities as citizens to express ourselves before and after election. Shares great ideas and direction of the future shows, with M.A.M.A. and P.A.P.A. and DMFM being sponsors .
Jason Schwartz sits with MARK SHEEHAN, part of political action group, S.A.F.E., plus Maui resident, realtor, past environmental group chairs, etal... . Discussion ensued as related to the faltering levels of actions on issues like housing, homelessness, water, sewage injection wells...for the November election and onward.
Jason Schwartz sits with PAUL DES LAURIERS, Head of Maui Pono Network. This local political action group has interviewed local candidates based on their values and helps us choose candidates for the November election.
Jason Schwartz sits with KE'EAUMOKU KAPU, Candidate for OHA Maui Seat. Office of Hawaiian Affairs candidate has long history of service and activism for the Hawaiian people and has significant personal experience in the U.S. Courts in regards to Title on HIS familial West Maui property, Chairman of Hawaiian Burial Council, Cultural Commissions... good conversation.
Jason Schwartz sits with ROB PARSONS, Environmental Coordinator, assistant to the Mayor of Maui County. Rob just returned from Global Environmental Conference in San Francisco and shares insights he gathered there, plus we speak of some local slants on it all.

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